Monday, March 25, 2013

Google EMD Update Recovery & Prevention

I am sure you are affected by Google's EMD algorithm and looking for some solution to remove EMD penalty. Well if you think you don't know much about EMD penalty then read my previous post "Whats is Exact Match Domain (EMD)" before you continue reading this post.

I am into LAMP, SEO and SMO consultation, in short its my duty to find out what is happening with Google for my subscribers and also for my websites :) as some of them affected by EMD update. Google have released EMD algo on 28th Sep 2012, and this release have affected many websites and that too very badly. Some of my websites were also affected because of this and I started my research about EMD penalty. Here in this post I am just trying to write all major things that I notice while comparing the "EMD affected domains" with domains which lasted. So just go through the following points very carefully and compare your website with this list.

On-page Factors
  • All domains are not hit by EMD update, where as all domains which had primary keyword in domain name were penalized. So if your primary keyword and domain name matches Exactly or partially then domain may get hit by EMD or PMD update.
  • Primary keyword is always in meta title, description, keywords, heading tags, alt tags and contents too. So check and optimize your meta data as well as contents to keep your website away from EMD target list.
  • Check the density of primary keyword in contents, make sure its lower than 3%. Algorithm always try to find your primary keyword and if it matches with domain name, game over.
  • Interesting thing is EMD algo is after domains which are not following "Google’s Webmaster Guidelines", and thus if you get hit by EMD, then it will turn on "Google Penguin" too for your website :). So making EMD proof website is very very important.
  • No Of Pages - All EMD were not affected in this update and the reason behind it is, EMD update is actually after Low quality EMDs. So if your website pages are less than 10, then your website can be considered as low quality domain and may get hit by EMD.
  • Contents - Better rewrite home page contents with targeting new keywords and ignoring domain keyword. EMD with thin on-site content will flag your website as low quality website. Always put enough time to prepare quality contents and pages for your website.
  • Images - Use more than 3 relevant images and one video.
  • Internal linking - Make a strong internal link structure and diversify the anchor text.
  • Affiliate links - Maintain less no of affiliate links on your page. If you put more than 3-4 affiliate links then it may be counted as negative point.
  • Link other sites - Create some links to major authority sites relevant to your business.
  • Social Share - Add Social Share buttons on your website.
  • Product pages - If you have multiple products on your website then interlinking the product pages is imp activity.

Off-page Factors
  • Anchor Text : Diversify your anchor text. If most of your back-links are using the exact domain name as anchor text then its a clear invitation to google's EMD hit. So check your back-links very carefully.
  • Collect valuable back-links with new keyword ( use anchor text without your domain name ).
  • Collect some no follow links on relevant websites and blogs.

Social Signals
  • Social signals about your domain are very very important these days.
  • Make facebook fan page for your domain.
  • Create a twitter profile and interlink facebook and twitter.
  • Improve engagement by posting good and quality contents on your social channels.
  • Create youtube channel and publish some nice videos about your products and your store.

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