Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is Twitter a Waste of Time?

Twitter! What is it? Holy social networking giant or just a craze?

Internet world has one thumb rule these days, If you don't know any thing then there is only one god GOOGLE, so just ask Google. People ask almost everything to Google :). Believe it see the following example.

Take a look at this funny image, I took this screenshot on Google search page with keyword "Twitter is a". If you look at the first suggestion it says "Twitter is a waste of time". that's so funny. It means people use to search this phrase so many times that Google suggest is giving importance to this keyword more than other keywords. :)

Lots of friends of mine are not actually using twitter but everyone of them says twitter is just a waste of time. What I think is they just don't know how to use it. Twitter is a invention of micro blogging, and its just cool tool , use it in a right way. Check this info-graphics to understand how can we use it in a right way. I hope this small post will help every one to use twitter.

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