Monday, March 28, 2016

Red Umbrella - Couple in Rain painting

and one more version of my Red Umbrella theme is here. After lots of sculpturing in my last project I decided to spend some time back to canvas painting over last weekend. I always wanted to add some more beautiful and romantic couple paintings to my Red Umbrella theme. Luckily there was a perfect size canvas board in my drawer, so I started working on it.

This is not only normal acrylic painting but I am learning pop art with this type of painting. I am not very good at it but yes I like spending time to learn new techniques. So have a look at it.

Red Umbrella couple painting version 2

I have transferred newspaper on canvas board first. Let it dry and then I did all the drawing work with pencil. After that only job left was painting a black n red color and rain effect.

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