Sunday, March 27, 2016

Moonlight Love - Boy proposing girl on moon portrayed on canvas

And here is my new mix media painting, I call it "Moonlight Love". I have used very less media elements, but this really looks very beautiful and based on creative idea. I really enjoyed making this painting. This picture portray a boy proposing girl sitting on moon. Blue background with moonlight effect with lots of stars makes this picture a very romantic gift for your partner.

Boy and Girl gives 3D effect because its created separately on different paper. I have done it with sketch pen first and then its added to main canvas board. This unique idea makes it feel like a 3D painting.

Elements Used.

  1. Sketch Pen 
  2. Cardboard paper to make 3D effect 
  3. Canvas Board Acrylic Colors
  4. Color Varnish 
  5. Heart shape stickers

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