Monday, December 19, 2016

Why d3js is best data visualization framework

As we all have learned about "Data Visualizations" in my previous blog, lets start learning the best way to generate and integrate them in web applications.

Data visualizations can be developed and integrated in regular web & even mobile applications using different JavaScript frameworks. In this blog post I would like to highlight the use of D3.js and it's comparison in terms of creating data visualizations.

What is D3.js
D3.js is a simple JavaScript based framework which is used to generate any type of data visualizations with the help of SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics ) or canvas HTML element.

Why D3.js is better than other charting libraries
  • Free for even commercial use under BSD licence.
  • Highcharts is one of the alternative but it's a paid for commercial use.
  • Prefuse and flare – need extra browser plugin.
  • D3.js has open source community with lots of code samples.
  • As its widely used for charting so its Hireable skill :) - Check job availability here

Advantages of D3.js over other charting libraries
  • Open Source
  • Powerful Visualization
  • Interaction techniques
  • DOM manipulation
  • Freedom to design the right visual interface
  • Works without any plugin like other libraries
  • D3.js helps you bring data to life using SVG, Canvas and HTML
  • You can also integrate transitions of different SVG elements very easily

D3.js is one of the best data visualization framework and it can be used to generate simple as well as complex visualizations along with user interaction and transition effects. In my next blog I will try to explain how we can use D3.js to generate a visualization with an example.

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