Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Scale the circle radius in d3js chart on mouseover

D3.js is really an amazing charting library and I think I can't stop writing about it's features and sample codes. D3.js is something like, no limitations on what you can do with charts. You think about it and it's possible with this library. Today while working on one example, I came across a situation where most of the chart area was covered with points and paths because of huge data points. In this case, we can add small animation to the path points. In this type of animation if user mouseover on some data point, then we increase the radius of the circle with transition effect and on mouse out we bring it back to the original radius. So let's learn something about circle animation in this post.

I have tried to explain the code in pictorial way in below image, please check it and first and try to understand the logic.

Check line number 229 in my example to understand how to place the below code block. You will first have to select the circle and then configure its mouseover event as described below.

.on("mouseover", function(d) {  
    .attr("r", 6);


Once this is done, you have to configure the mouse out event to bring circle back to its original size.

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